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Next generation of Ultrasonic platform for non-destructive testing

Across all industries, dolphitech provides an unbeatable ultrasonic matrix imaging technology to inspect and detect damage, degradation, and defects in mission-critical assets.


Assembling our non-destructive testing platform is incredibly simple. The platform will be ready to use in 60 seconds, increasing efficiency and saving you valuable time between site visits.

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NDT on windblade

Easy to use

The inspection data is processed and visualized live to a user-friendly dolphicam2 platform, and you can be ready to inspect in 7 simple steps.

Seven Steps to Inspection


Our unique 2D matrix transducer technology enables a wide variety of transducer frequencies. Digital signals enable impressive performance, with up to 100 datasets per second from all 16,384 elements.

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NDT Inspection
Dolphicam2 NDT


It's lightweight, small and flexible, easy to use and can be operated by both experts and non-experts in NDT.

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Expert technical aftercare support and equipment training for users. Regular software upgrades and new features are delivered to enhance our customer experiences.

Technical Support
NDT training

Why dolphitech

Experts in our Field

Dolphicam2 is the culmination of over 10 years of dedicated R&D and field experience. Our technical teams have pushed the boundaries of ultrasonic matrix imaging, providing a platform for our customer's technical challenges.

Unique Approach to Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Dolphicam2 represents the next generation of digital ultrasonic imaging and data capture. Our UT platform is based on matrix transducers, bringing a step change in the way we see through materials. Our approach is changing the face of mission-critical NDT inspections for multi and composite materials.

Total Focus on Client Challenges

Our technical teams always push the boundaries on the next development, building the capabilities of the dolphitech platform to meet the challenges facing our customers.

Supporting your teams, growing your expertise

We deliver product expertise to support you in all your NDT needs. We provide the right tools, training and resources for you and your team to enhance your capabilities needed to get the best from our UT Platform.

Next generation Ultrasonic platform for Non-destructive testing

Find out about dolphitech and where we're heading in the future.

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