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Dolphitech’s flagship ultrasonic technology platform, dolphicam2, is the result of more than 10 years of dedicated research into ultrasonics and represents the leading standard for volumetric NDT. The dolphicam2 is capable of high resolution imaging and precise measurements for a wide range of material types including composites, metals and multi materials. With a straightforward, quick to deploy, user-friendly system, technicians of all experience levels can generate analysis-ready images of materials in real time for quick decision making.


Dolphitech uses a unique 2D matrix array architecture to produce a transducer module (TRM) with 16,384 elements and an active aperture of 32x32mm. This is achieved using 128 transmitting electrodes which are positioned across 128 receiving electrodes, with each crossing point forming an individual element with a pitch of 0.25mm. This provides unparalleled data capture and resolution, which, when combined with our frequency range from 0.7MHz to 10MHz, gives you the ability to inspect a wide range of materials.



What's in the box? Dolphicam2 comes in a custom Pelicase with the chosen TRM(s), a connected Black Box, and a Panasonic Toughpad. The TRM includes not just the transducer itself, but the Analogue to Digital Convert (ADC) electronics. This means that it connects to the Black Box via a simple USB-C cable, removing the need for bulky multipin cables and plugs. The Black Box itself is the heart of the system, driving the TRM while connecting to the Toughpad which runs and displays the software. The Black Box and Toughpad are joined by a sturdy frame, and the whole system is reinforced to withstand daily site use.


What’s on the screen? The dolphicam2 software is unique among NDT packages, designed from the ground up to complement the imaging capabilities of the platform. Ultrasonic images are shown not just using conventional signal amplitudes, but also as time of flight, opening up a world of instant, color-coded thickness mapping. This is helped further by the live 3D views, which instantly enhance visualization and can be readily interpreted by non-specialists. For maximum image quality we also provide Total Focusing Method (TFM) reconstructions, with TFM images accessible both during the acquisition itself, and on previously acquired Full Matrix Capture (FMC) data files.


Matrix Through Transmission Ultrasound (MxTTU™) is the only portable and practical device in the world that can offer the conclusiveness of C-scans and simplified MxTTU™ evaluation. This means you can achieve the in-depth, high-quality diagnostics of traditional methods, in an easy-to-use, flexible handheld device.

Find out more by watching our MxTTU video.


How does the sound get into my asset? Each frequency TRM comes as standard with a delay line that has been chosen to match the acoustic properties of the transducer. These include Rexolite, Aqualene and Aqualink materials, and delay line thickness options between 8-12mm. For increased flexibility you can choose a TRM without a delay line as we offer a range of replaceable models. A variety of removable pipe shoes to match different diameter pipes are also available; shoes with irrigation ports, and even a water box delay line model.

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Our automated scanning system provides errorless detailed results with a higher detection rate on a repeated basis. It also eliminates trial and error, reducing the need for subjective interpretation, providing you with solid data. Not only this, you can have greater flexability as the system can scan simple and complex structures across multiple angles and directions. Contact us to find out more.


How do I scan? The dolphicam2 offers a wide range of scanning options. The simplest is manual stitching, where users move the TRM sequentially over a rectangular region and collect an image at each grid point. This is great for quickly collecting data over a predefined area without the need for any peripherals. For improved precision we offer the Grid Tool, a two-axis mechanical positioning device with indexed locations, enabling reliable, accurate stitching. For quicker data collection we have the Rapid Mapper, a two-axis encoded scanner, which provides the option of encoded freehand scanning over a surface. Finally, the dolphicam2 software has compatibility with a wide range of OEM wheel encoders, scanners, crawlers and robots, giving users the ability to use whatever scanning equipment best suits their needs.

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What’s the learning curve? With 16,384 elements, you might think that the power of the dolphicam2 is difficult to harness. With the carefully designed user interface, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The system itself does the heavy lifting and lets the operator focus on the data generated. The dolphicam2 can be setup in 60 seconds, and new users without specialist NDT knowledge can be up and scanning within hours. To help users get the most out of their system, dolphitech run a range of training courses that are tailored to users’ inspection needs and prior NDT knowledge.


How will it perform on-site? Weighing in at 3kg for the whole system, the dolphicam2 is easily portable. Combined with a continuous use battery life of 5-6 hours, this makes it well-suited to life on site. Useful features include an integrated neck strap, corner bumpers, plug protection shields and an IP66 ingress protection rating. All of this and an operational temperature range of -20 to +50°C means that the dolphicam2 can be relied on for routine use in both indoor and outdoor industrial settings.

NDT inspection
Can the dolphicam2 inspect my asset?

With the dolphicam2 you can choose between different transducer modules and couplings of varying softness, hardness and sizes, which enable flexible and customized inspection of multiple materials.

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