The demand for efficient, reliable and portable industrial inspection and maintenance technology has steadily grown. To address this need, dolphitech introduced the Dolphicam-In-A-Box (DIAB), a breakthrough in non-destructive evaluation technology. The DIAB system exemplifies innovation, integrating the sophisticated Matrix Array Ultrasonic Testing (MAUT) Technology into a compact, highly portable platform designed for versatile applications.

Key Features and Capabilities
DIAB revolutionises the concept of portability in non-destructive evaluation tools. Weighing 9.5kg (approximately 21lbs), this lightweight system is encased within a robust Peli™ Case, ensuring easy transportation and deployment even in the most limited spaces. Its user-centric design features a sleek, handheld 10-inch touchscreen that brings the full capabilities of the dolphicam2 software to the user’s fingertips. This allows for inspections up to 5 metres (15 feet) from the main unit, providing ease and flexibility in various inspection environments.

The system offers two primary user modes: the standard Pulse-Echo mode and the MxTTU™ (Matrix Through Transmission Ultrasound). These modes are not just features but comprehensive inspection capabilities, catering to a wide range of industry needs and ensuring thorough evaluations without damaging the inspected structure. This versatility instils confidence in the system’s ability to meet diverse inspection requirements.

Enhanced Power and Connectivity
DIAB’s design includes an internal fast-charging 96Wh battery, compliant with flight safety regulations, and an integrated rapid charger, ensuring that the system is always ready for use. An extra Peli™ Case can also house a portable battery bank, extending the system’s operational time. For enhanced user experience, the system includes several connectivity options, such as USB-C and HDMI ports, allowing for connecting external monitors and other peripherals.

Dolphitech Compliance and Durability
Our team has not compromised on the quality and durability of the DIAB. The system’s housing, a rugged Peli™ Case, ensures protection and longevity. A high-performance Intel NUC i7 PC with 32GB RAM powers the device, complementing a 10″ full LCD touchscreen for clear, intuitive interaction. Including two TRM (Transducer Module) connections and additional ports for user access underline dolphitech’s commitment to flexibility and adaptability in non destructive evaluation.

The DIAB is a testament to our dedication to advancing non destructive evaluation technology. Its lightweight, portable design, powerful inspection capabilities, and user-friendly features position DIAB as an essential tool for industries requiring reliable and efficient inspection solutions. With DIAB, dolphitech continues to set new standards in the field, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in non-destructive evaluation and maintenance.

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