We will be unveiling our new automated inspection system for non-destructive testing at this year’s ASNT Annual Conference, Nashville, Tennessee. The system will bring reliability and consistency to manufacturing processes and seamlessly integrates into production lines.

Automated ultrasonic scanning systems for various applications come with many benefits to your inspection process. By using sophisticated automated testing systems, non-destructive testing (NDT) analysts can accurately locate flaws in their earliest stages and develop more proactive recommendations to minimize repair costs. This enables you to extend asset integrity and ensure safer equipment, which is essential within industries such as aerospace, space, and defense.


Automated scanning not only provides errorless detailed results but also produces a higher detection rate on a repeated basis. It also eliminates trial and error, reducing the need for subjective interpretation providing you with solid data. Automated inspection systems minimize the risk of human error while allowing analysts to scan large areas quickly and reliably including across complex geometries.


The dolphitech automation system is easily integrated into existing productions lines making the transition as simple as possible. The automatic scanning of both simple and complex structures across multiple angles and directions provides you with greater flexibility that is also fast and most importantly within manufacturing, repeatable. Automating your inspections will make them less time-consuming saving exponentially on long-term overheads. Whichever way you look at it, automation in non-destructive testing offers unlimited potential.

The new automation system has been developed in partnership with NEURA who are revolutionizing the world of robotics by using cognitive capabilities to bring robots and humans closer together.

To find out more about how you can automate your inspections get in touch with sales@dolphitechcom