TRM 1.5 MHz

TRM-ECx-1.5MHz (12 mm aqualene 320)
TRM-EAx-1.5MHz (no delay line)

TRM 1.5 MHz


The 1.5MHz transducer module (TRM) is currently towards the lower end of our frequency range, and is designed for maximum penetration of thick GFRP and thick, out-of-autoclave CFRP with porosity. Applications include wind turbine blades, marine GFRP and thick section GFRP piping. Typical component thicknesses are around 1-60mm.

Technical Details

Transducer Type Matrix (2D-array)

Transducer Elements 64×64 (4,096)

Transducer Aperture 32 x 32 mm

Element Pitch 500μm

Center Frequency 1.5MHz

-6dB Frequency Bandwidth 70%

Sample Rate 50 MHz

Acquisition Rate A-scans 100,000 – 500,000 datasets per second

Acquisition Rate 10-40 3D volumes per second

Size And Weight

Width 40mm / 1.5”

Length 40mm / 1.5”

Height 84mm / 3.3”

Weight 265 grams / 0.5lbs (excluding cable and delay line)

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