We are growing quickly and our challenge is to continue to innovate whilst also developing quality products used in mission-critical tasks for the most stringent and demanding customers in the world. To achieve this, we need multidisciplinary teams that communicate well and ensure problems are solved with elegant and efficient solutions.

Dolphitech is a place where individual creativity can make its way directly into our products and we are still small enough that you will have the opportunity to help mould our culture and the way we work. We need individuals who can provide technical expertise and leadership in their key areas and who thrive when in a team yet are motivated to excel as an individual. We need people who are keen to make a difference, both in the projects we undertake and in building and maintaining our culture as we grow.

We believe teams deliver the best results when they are diverse, which is why we have over 10 different nationalities in our teams who all work together in Norway, the UK and the US. Our teams are friendly and welcoming and believe that open communication is paramount at all levels. In a fast-moving workplace, it is vital that everyone knows what is happening, both within their own projects and in the wider company. This is essential to enable us to deliver innovative solutions to client problems.

Trust is part of our culture at a personal and professional level, and a high level of trust in our people is essential for a growing company. Ensuring people are empowered in what they do is key to success both as an individual and as a company. As a result, we are continuously improving and finding the right training and growth opportunities for our staff.

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