With Christmas just around the corner, the team at dolphitech are getting into the Christmas spirit following the launch of our Matrix Through Transmission Ultrasound (MxTTU™). Office assistant Stine Lyngmo who it turns out has a hidden talent in illustration, has brilliantly captured the concept of the MxTTU™ with the devices kissing under the mistletoe.

MxMxTTU™ uses two transducers (TRM’s) on either side of the material: one transmitting ultrasound and the other receiving. Dolphitech MxTTU™ is the only portable and practical device in the world that can offer the conclusiveness of live C-scans and simplified TTU evaluation. This means you can achieve the in-depth, high-quality diagnostics of traditional methods, in an easy-to-use, flexible handheld device.

Stine came up with the creative idea as the TRM movement resembles kissing each side of the material.

This year’s Christmas card design is inspired by the newly developed MxTTU from dolphitech. Having the two TRMs kissing each other under the mistletoe resembles the movement performed in the scanning process and aims to communicate the MxTTU concept in an instant.

Stine Lyngmo – Office Assistant

So, whatever you need to inspect, from multiple-bond layers to honeycomb or foam cores, MxTTU™ makes non-destructive testing on complex structures and materials is far simpler – it’s the next-gen scanning solution you’ve been waiting for.