Let us help you to get the best out of your dolphicam2

The dolphicam2 is a user-friendly and intuitive platform, but to get the most from your system, take advantage of our professional training, which involves instruction and guidance on the best use of the dolphicam2 and application-focused training aimed at increasing efficiency and inspection quality.

Dolphitech provides a range of online training programs customisable to your needs, from familiarisation to advanced on-site user and application training.

Familiarisation training

Online familiarisation training (1.5 – 2 hours) + follow-up support (1-1.5 hours): ideally 2 – 5 participants per session.

Available anywhere in the world, this training elevates your engineer’s basic knowledge of the dolphicam2 operation. This training is ideal for only recently qualified personnel less familiar with ultrasonic testing or who recently purchased the dolphicam2.

While the DC2 may be easy to use on a basic level, training can help you understand the underlying principles and techniques to ensure accurate and precise measurements. Learning how to normalise, calibrate, operate, and interpret the instrument correctly can minimise errors and improve the quality of your measurements.

User training – Online

Online user training (2 x 2 hours): ideally 2 – 4 participants per session

Often a follow-up on the familiarisation training. While the DC2 itself may provide clear images and measurements, it is crucial to understand how to adjust and apply the possible settings to get the best out of your DC2. Training can teach you the necessary skills to get the best out of your instrument and how to process and analyse the results effectively, helping you draw meaningful conclusions and make informed decisions based on the measurements.

User training – Classroom

On-site user classroom training (1 – 3 days): maximum 8 participants

Even if the DC2 is easy to use, hands-on training can help you become more efficient and productive in your measurements. Learning shortcuts, advanced features, and best practices can streamline your workflow, saving time and effort. Additionally, training can teach you how to leverage dolphicam2’s capabilities fully, enabling you to extract more valuable information from your measurements.

Depending on your needs, this training can vary in duration. Typical training programs run over one to two days and focus on getting your engineers up and running as quickly as possible.

On-site application support

On-site application support (1-5 days): 2 – 8 participants

Depending on the field or industry you work in, specific materials, applications or techniques may require additional support and training. Be it particular materials, bondings, locations or types of transducers. We can provide advanced support, i.e. for composite materials, where we discuss the basics, provide on-site expertise for composite inspections, and ensure your system is fully configured. We share our knowledge and experience and ensure you have the skills and knowledge needed for these applications. Depending on your needs, such as the complexity and amount of setting files, the application support can vary in duration. We recommend two days and focus on generating as many configurations as possible.

We can provide a standard training package or design a custom training programme to meet your needs. Simply complete the form below, select ‘training’ and we’ll contact you.


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