The DIAB is a lightweight portable, self-sustained inspection system to go anywhere, anytime, even in the tightest of confined spaces. DIAB encompasses all the MAUT technology whilst providing the user with the opportunity to have a slim touchscreen strapped to you hand; the transducer, in the other hand, all connected to the pelicase outside the structure being inspected providing all the power, computing capability, and also additional ports to plug in external monitors.

The 10-inch touchscreen provides the full dolphicam2 capabilities allowing the user to go up to 5m/15-foot from the pelicase. The system weighs in at only 9.5kg/21lbs in total, this light and transportable pelican case contains everything to do an inspection anywhere, with its transducers, own power supply, and the potential to plug into a 110v power. An optional additional pelicase can provides a portable battery bank.

Whether inspecting with standard Pulse-Echo mode or MxTTU™ (Matrix Through Transmission Ultrasound) the DIAB supports these 2 users modes.

Additional Features

Minimal Size: A small Pelican case contains everything for the DIAB

Minimal weight: Weight is 9.5kg/20lbs

60+ minute battery life:

Internal battery is a fast charge 96Wh (flight safe) with integrated rapid charger.

BlackBox battery charges concurrently with the main internal battery.

Both batteries will charge while the system in in use.

Dolphitech Compliance

Durable case to fully contained: Pelican case utilised

Black Box: Installed

PC: Intel NUC i7 32GB RAM

10” touchscreen: Full LCD & touch panel

Monitor Cables and fixtures: Video-over-USBC enabled

2 x TRM with 5m cables: Space has been created to house 2 x TRMs in the lid

Additional User Access Sockets

Up to 2 x TRM connections: 2 x USB C ports are provided

Portable Monitor Connection: External Monitor connection is provided

USB C Display port monitor plug: USB C display monitor plug provided

External Power: 110v socket

HDMI monitor port: HDMI monitor port provided


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