Dolphitech provides a comprehensive range of service solutions, including technical support, spare parts, calibrations, product updates, and repairs, to support our products. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to customers, as we know how critical continued operations are.

At dolphitech, we are always looking for ways to be innovative in our product and service offerings to make working with our products straightforward and seamless.

Just like our easy-to-use dolphicam2 NDT and transducer technologies, our calibration and system health check services are no different. All dolphitech products can be checked and calibrated remotely to minimise operational disruption and downtime without sending the physical equipment back to us. Any system updates that are required can also be installed remotely at the same time.


We will send you instructions on generating and exporting the calibration file for the equipment to be checked and validated. You will receive your certificate within 2 working days or sooner.

If your equipment requires physical maintenance or repairs, dolphitech can provide you with the same products to minimise any inconvenience or downtime to operations.

Contact us to learn more about our services or book your next annual calibration and health check service.