Dolphitech provides an advanced software suite that complements the dolphicam2, enhancing the precision and efficiency of ultrasonic inspections. This suite of software tools empowers professionals in various industries to achieve more accurate results and exercise greater control in their non-destructive testing (NDT) processes.

Dolphicam2 System Software

At the core of the software suite is the dolphicam2 software, which acts as a central hub for standard dolphicam2 and dolphicam2+ core units. It streamlines quick assessments and extensive data collection by managing transducer configuration, data processing, and result display. This software seamlessly operates with a BlackBox and a Transducer Module (TRM) and is provided with every dolphicam2 core unit.

Analysing Software

The analysis software is valuable for users seeking in-depth data exploration and optimisation. It allows for post-processing of Full Matrix Capture (FMC) data, enabling greater result accuracy. This software can be conveniently installed on workstations, offering the flexibility to investigate data in detail. It provides advanced post-processing functionality, allowing users to fine-tune settings and explore results comprehensively. Users may opt for a computer with an Intel Core i7 or faster CPU, at least 16MB of RAM, and a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for optimal performance.

MxTTU Functionality

An integral feature within the software suite is the Matrix Through Transmission Ultrasound (MxTTU) functionality. Operating on the same platform as the dolphicam2 and dolphicam2+, this feature is accessible to professionals across various fields. By connecting two TRMs of the same frequency to the Black Box and switching to TTU mode, users can harness the MxTTU for their inspections. Compatibility extends across the entire range of dolphicam2 TRMs, with or without delay lines.

Dolphitech’s software suite reflects our dedication to advancing the NDT industry. It grants professionals more control, accuracy, and efficiency in ultrasonic inspections, setting new standards in the field. Whether employed for quick assessments or comprehensive data collection, the software suite is a valuable resource in combination with our dolphicam2 hardware for NDT professionals across diverse industries.