Dolphitech understands the critical role of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment in various industries, ensuring the integrity of materials and components. To support our customers in maximising uptime and maintaining efficient operations, we offer proactive service and support solutions to support our range of products.

Service Maintenance
Our commitment to responsiveness is evident in our comprehensive service maintenance program, which covers service support, spare parts, and repairs. We prioritise equipment uptime and offer duplicate products during maintenance to ensure continued operations. Our extensive range of spare parts, including USB cables and removable delay lines, are readily available to ensure prompt replacements. In the unlikely event of a repair, our cost-effective and rapid turnaround keeps dolphitech products operating at optimal performance.

Calibration for Dolphicam2 Transducers
Annual calibration is essential for NDT equipment, and dolphitech simplifies the process with remote calibration and updates for dolphicam2 transducers. Our unique approach eliminates the need to return equipment to us, allowing for a full calibration service remotely. Follow our instructions to generate the calibration file and receive your certificate swiftly within two working days.

System Health Check
Our online system health check offers a cost-effective solution that prioritises the precise functionality of the connected transducer module, the transmission condition of the attached USB-C cable, and the operation of the dolphitech black box. Conducted through data analysis from a test sequence and the .h5 result file, the process is user-friendly, with guidance provided for obtaining the data file.

After the test, a detailed system health check protocol is delivered for your records. This proactive approach ensures uninterrupted operation without shipping any equipment, allowing the identification of bottlenecks, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity based on hardware configuration.

Training and Application Support
Maximise the potential of the dolphicam2 with our professional training programs. From online familiarisation

to hands-on classroom training, our programs, led by experienced instructors, cover the spectrum, ensuring workplaces master the nuances of ultrasonic testing. We prioritise customisation, offering insights into calibration, normalisation, and result interpretation. Beyond training, our on-site application support, spanning one to five days, dives deep into specific industry challenges, ensuring the dolphicam2 is optimised for diverse materials and techniques.

Sample NDT Testing
Dolphitech specialises in advanced sample testing for non destructive testing (NDT) programs. We offer two convenient approaches: send materials to our global offices or opt for on-site testing at any location. We handle diverse materials, ensuring precision and accuracy in results. Our team of L3 UT engineers also provides expert guidance in developing or updating NDT programs, ensuring alignment with industry standards.

Transducer Module Program
Dolphitech prioritises equipment reliability and longevity with our comprehensive Transducer Module Program. Designed to address potential issues and cater to evolving technological advancements, our program offers three essential services: TRM Repair, TRM Upgrade, and TRM Exchange.

For repairs, our fixed-cost service ensures the replacement of defective components with genuine ones, backed by a 12-month warranty. Upgrade equipment with our TRM upgrade service, enhancing performance with the latest electronics, also supported by a 12-month warranty. Finally, our TRM exchange program offers immediate or deferred options, minimising downtime and maintaining Calibration & Health Check validity. A 12-month warranty backs both.

Dolphitech is committed to providing comprehensive service and support solutions, ensuring equipment performs optimally. Trust us for proactive maintenance, expert training, and innovative NDT solutions.

Contact the dolphitech team to learn more about our range of service and support solutions.