The dolphitech family are growing

The dolphitech family are growing

This year we have been joined by many new faces and that’s not all, our team has grown in experience and expertise.

March 18, 2021

Our team here at dolphitech has continued to grow year on year. This year we have been joined by many new faces and that’s not all, our team has grown in experience and expertise. From our Ultrasound and NDT subject specialists through to our Sales and Tech geniuses – we have the best people on the case to keep dolphitech moving forward and innovative. We believe investing in good people ensures our ultrasonic technology is at its best and our clients always receive exceptional service and equipment.

Just last week we welcomed two new members of staff that joined our core team full time. Ryan Hardy is our new Sales Manager for the Mid-West in the US. He brings valuable NDT experience from various sectors.

I joined dolphitech because I was blown away by the technology and how easy the interface was to work with. I feel like the dolphicam2 is the next step in NDT technology and I wanted to be part of it

Ryan Hardy - Sales Manager

Mike Gardner also joined us as Eastern US Sales Manager. Mike has a passion for science, detail and inspection. After leaving the Navy service to enter civilian life, Mike furthered his knowledge through formal non-destructive testing studying and on the job training. His aspirations led him to be employed with Applied Technical Services Inc. as a Level II inspector. In furthering his experience, Mike moved on to Aqualified, where he performed and wrote procedures to ensure client compliancy. Here at dolphitech, Mike hopes to use his years of training and experience to help grow our North American presence.

This week we are also pleased to announce Ishmael Carbajal who along with Mike and Ryan will be covering the US in our sales team.Ishmael started his NDT journey in 2015 in the oil and gas industry as a LVL II Shear wave inspector on spiral welded pipelines. In 2016 he transitioned to aerospace and gained his LVL II FPI on metallic aerospace components. Two years on he joined The Spaceship Company and learned everything possible about Carbon Fiber material in order to understand it better when inspecting.

Carbon Fiber is so tricky to inspect if you don’t understand the composition of the structure or the types of defects that are common to it.I was blown away by the demo that Eskil and Brett gave us and how with minimal effort, the dolphicam2 could be set up so quickly and be able to identify defects so easily. I am so happy to be part of this team and look forward to what the future holds!

Ishmael Carbajal - Sales Manager

Dolphitech staff now span across all continents enabling us to service different markets across the globe and meet individual application needs. We’re very excited to see what 2021 brings.