Leading the way in NDT

 Leading the way in NDT

RuDolphicam. Ensuring Santa's sleigh is safe to fly.

December 1, 2022

Our design duo Stine Lyngmo and Paul Harvey have been at is again this year coming up with some fun ideas for Christmas. With Paul's creative ideas and art direction and Stine's festive illustration, they have brought the dolphicam into the forefront of Christmas this year.

RuDolphicam is busy ensuring Santa's sleigh is safe to fly ahead of Christmas 2022. We have it on good authority that this modern, environmentally friendly sleigh is made of composite materials, which are perfect for when speed is of the essence and a reduction in weight causes less strain on the reindeer. As such, the dolphicam2 non-destructive testing platform is the perfect solution to inspect it.

While we're sure his sleigh is a marvel of engineering it will still be subject to impact damage, disbonds, water ingress, foreign object damage and much more when conducting hard landings on rooftops and snow-covered buildings. The RuDolphicam will be identifying any flaws during manufacturing and in service to keep Santa on his way. There's no space for downtime when jolly old Santa has millions of houses to visit across the world this Christmas eve.

This year we also launched our automated inspection tool for Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel's (COPV) of any size. That’s right, big or small our automation tool removes the need for destructive testing on your COPVs. Whilst it would be nice to automate all the Christmas jobs we don’t want to do, we can help with your inspections to ensure quality control standards are met. Adding this system to your inspections will also provide you with consistent results, every time (unlike decorating your Christmas tree) and can be seamlessly integrated into your production lines. Don’t you wish Christmas was that easy!


Dolphicam2 is certified by two of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers - Boeing has authorised specific NDT procedures for their 787 aeroplanes, and Airbus has accepted the dolphicam2 for all composite inspections on its assets.

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