Our new software Odin has landed and brings you powerful enhancements to your non-destructive testing with the dolphicam2.

December 8, 2021

Odin is the first in a series of new updates that will ensure our technology is constantly delivering you the best in the market and continues to solve your NDT needs. Just like the Asgardian gods the Odin software update is powerful and will enable to you harness the benefits of the dolphicam2.

Defect Detection

With our new versatile and user-friendly defect detection tool, defects can now be flagged, color-coded and measured automatically. This is achieved with a versatile thresholding interface that can be applied according to both amplitude and depth criteria.

The defect detection tool will speed up defect sentencing and also reduce the chance of missed defects, making inspections with the dolphicam2 even more efficient and reliable.

Full-Frame Mapping

Mapping mode now supports saving the Full Matrix Capture data of both stitched and encoded C-scans in a single file. It also enables viewing of mapped B-scans with the same functionality as the existing single capture frames.

Full-Frame Mapping provides users with more data for better decision making, both in the Live Acquisition mode and in the File Viewer software.

Improved TCG Curve Editor

The TCG curve editor has been further improved into an interpolation method, making it more user-friendly than ever. Users can now add and drag TCG points in the X and Y axes to modify the curve in both the time-base and gain directions simultaneously.

This new method speeds up TCG curve generation even further, providing users with unparalleled flexibility in how they define their TCG.

C-Scan Selection Histograms

The selection statistics toolbox has been enhanced with a live histogram of the values in the active C-scan selection. This can be applied to both Amplitude and Time of Flight data, and unlocks the full statistical potential of our 16,384 live A-scans.

Rather than relying on single numerical values to gain an idea of changing material properties, the histogram provides a powerful statistical understanding, ideal for applications such as quantification of porosity in composites, and corrosion mapping in metals.

File Preview and Organization

Full Matrix Capture data files and settings files are now organized by TRM model. They can also be sorted by name and by date.

This improved file management makes getting set up and inspecting with the dolphicam2 quicker than ever before.

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