The 1.4 update provides improved functionality that will dramatically improve ease of use and speed up your inspection workflow, from opening the settings right through to saving a report.

January 29, 2021

New 1.4 Software Update

Here at dolphitech we’re always talking to our customers and looking for ways to improve our dolphicam2 ultrasonic software and move the non-destructive testing market forward. Based on the feedback we receive, we provide regular software updates to all our users, and today we are pleased to launch the new 1.4 software version.


A feature of this release allows the installation of a completely standalone version of the dolphicam2 software. This standalone software allows inspections to be conducted by less experienced technicians, data can then be analyzed remotely anywhere in the world; saving on both the amount of time and the amount of analysis expertise required on-site, as well as the need for NDT experts to travel to site.

This standalone software can be run on any Windows 10 PC and you can now start the software and open FMC data files without having the dolphicam2 hardware connected to the computer.The new FMC File top-level window has the same layout and functions as the live data window.


Other key improvements for this version involve our file dialogue interfaces. The first key features to highlight are in “User settings” which display the previous settings that have been saved by the user, and was available on previous software versions, however we now have “Standard settings” which are associated with the Transducer Module that is currently connected and updates automatically if we connect a different transducer. We also have an “Auto-saved settings” file that loads the previous settings from the last time the application was started.

These will both be very useful for getting you up and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible, either if you want to quickly pick an inspection back up where you left off, or if you’ve connected a new transducer and want to get started.


Moving onto the NDT inspection window, a big change is that now we can display previously acquired inspection data files open at the same time as a live scan. This is really beneficial when you are inspecting the same part, as it allows an immediate comparison with previous results. The software can now also be run independently on the Toughpad, without it requiring connection to the Blackbox.


Another new feature is improved screenshot management. Just by clicking the screenshot icon, you will see a popup that lets you decide the file path directly. There is also the option to receive a suggestion for the screenshot file name, which will be useful for onsite use where touchpad typing might not be easy.

We’ve updated the inspection report generation interface. This tool will now allow you to select screenshots taken and include them in your report if needed. The 1.4 version also allows you to ‘select all’ if needed and specify what to call them, if it’s something different from the file name itself. This customisation in the software itself will greatly reduce the amount of formatting work that’s required afterwards in Word.

Overall, the 1.4 update provides improved functionality that will dramatically improve ease of use and speed up your inspection workflow, from opening the settings right through to saving a report.

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