Go deeper with your NDT inspections

Go deeper with your NDT inspections

The new 0.7 MHz transducer module (TRM) is the first in our X-Series to launch. It is well-suited for the inspection of very thick GFRP sections and low-grade GRP materials.

May 18, 2022

Introducing our NEW lowest frequency transducer (TRM), the 0.7MHz, which gives you more confidence to inspect challenging materials and penetrate deeper.

The 0.7MHz is the first TRM to launch in the X-series and will enable to you inspect thicker materials such as wind turbine blades, ship hulls, GRP piping and composite overwrap repairs without compromising quality.

- Inspect deeper on thicker material

- Signal-to-noise ratio improved

- 3x more power than current TRMs

- Penetrate through attenuative composite parts

- More confidence for challenging inspections

If you would like to find out more about inspecting thicker materials with uncompromised resolution get in touch.