Welcome to Dr Andy Fisher who has joined the dolphitech management team.

June 1, 2021

We’d like to give a huge welcome to Dr Andy Fisher who will be joining dolphitech’s management team alongside Ole Johan Gillebo, Eskil Skoglund and Jason Smith.

Andy brings a wealth of experience to dolphitech with past roles as Director at Secure Design Ltd and VP for Adder Technology, where he designed and implemented new video compression schemes, which along with other innovations allowed the company to grow in new markets. As Co-founder and CTO at DisplayLink, Andy was responsible for all the Chip and Hardware architectures, embedded software and platform security. Chip and FPGA design has been part of his life since designing an ASIC during his PhD which won him a well-deserved Esprit prize. Prior to this, at Philips Electronics he was part of the team that designed the first fully asynchronous microprocessor ASIC to go into a consumer product, and his work at AT&T Laboratories Cambridge brought to life a number of "first of a kind" technologies.

Andy has always enjoyed creating technology that solves real world problems for customers, which align seamlessly with dolphitech’s goals; we see ourselves as problem solvers by nature. Our team of multi-skilled R&D and engineering experts from academia and industry are constantly exploring the capability and application of cutting-edge ultrasonics, bringing proven solutions to the market that are easy to deploy and simple to operate.

When asked about his new role at dolphitech, Andy said:

Bridging hi-tech innovation into the world of industry and commerce is always an exciting challenge. This is one of the many reasons I see dolphitech as such a great opportunity - great technology applicable to solving so many different industrial problems, the potential is massive.

Dr Andy Fisher -

The team here at dolphitech are fortunate to have someone bringing such invaluable skills and experience in technology. We’re also hoping that as an amateur musician, he’ll share some of his guitar playing talent at our office events!

Cutting Edge Technology

The dolphicam2 is capable of high resolution imaging and precise measurements for a wide range of material types including composites, metals and multi materials.

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