We are pleased to announce an addition to our global sales network with INTECH NDE!

June 8, 2021

This year dolphitech are going from strength to strength in the NDT market and are now pleased to announce this new sales partnership with INTECH NDE. INTECH NDE is a privately held company with offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Oakville, Ontario and Richmond, British Columbia, and has built a reputation for meeting customer's needs by developing highly successful partnerships with the world's top leading manufacturers of inspection and NDT equipment.

This partnership joins together two companies with integrity and drive to provide customers with dependable products, service and technical expertise, from initial order through delivery, training and application solving.

Dolphitech has a strong track record of advancing world-class ultrasound technologies for the NDT market, and we are pleased to be in a position to offer their dolphicam2 system to our customers throughout Canada. The dolphicam2 system will be an excellent platform to optimize our customers’ inspections in a variety of industries.

Quintin Bower - General Manager

Our dolphicam2 ultrasonic platform for non-destructive testing is a great addition to INTECH NDE’s portfolio due to its unique a patented matrix technology. The dolphicam2 is exceptional among UT devices with its architecture of 128 x 128 crossing electrodes, giving a transducer with an active aperture of 16,384 elements. With this unparalleled resolution, the system can produce detailed images in 3-dimensions. As such it is well-suited to a wide variety of straight-beam ultrasonic applications, including production and in-service inspection of composite materials, corrosion mapping, and adhesive bonding.

We are excited to see INTECH NDE delivering our cutting-edge ultrasound technology to solve customer needs.