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See everything to improve performance

See everything to improve performance

Non-destructive testing technology is an important means to improve the quality control in the automotive industry. The dolphicam2 benefits aspects such as the manufacturing process and ongoing maintenance.

Helping safeguard against manufacturing defects

Safety and reliability are key factors for a consumer when considering the purchase of a new vehicle. With the global automotive industry ever-changing, manufacturers must ensure that each chassis or component built and every vehicle assembled, is consistently compliant with stringent international industry safety and regulatory standards. With increasing reliance on modern, lightweight composites and multi-materials that interface with high-performance metals, the industry relies on non-intrusive inspection techniques such as ultrasonics to detect flaws in safety-critical components.

Speed, accuracy, and reliability

The most effective way to perform manufacturing inspections is with dolphicam2. The dolphicam2 can visualize, characterize and measure even the smallest of defects. Our experienced dolphitech team are solvers by nature and are dedicated to supporting customers to achieve the highest standards of component safety.

Our original technology was adapted to read barcodes printed on the bare metal of the chassis through multiple layers of coatings and paint, negating the need to scrape back the paint to find serial numbers. The dolphicam2 allows our customers to make accurate, consistent, detailed NDT a straightforward and cost-effective task.


The Chester Smart Composite Group at the University of Chester provided dolphitech with a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) panel containing a range of embedded inserts for benchmark testing. The CFRP panel was a twill weave epoxy prepreg laminate measuring 200 x 200 x 2mm.

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Dolphitech’s flagship Ultrasonic Technology (UT), dolphicam2 is an ideal platform to detect and inspect damages, defects and degradations. The dolphicam2 is flexible, easy to deploy and handheld, making it the ultimate tool for fast inspections.


Automotive Spot Weld

An automotive manufacturer asked us to inspect a spot-welded aluminum panel. We used a TRM-DA-10MHz Transducer Module (TRM), which provides high sensitivity for this thin, resolution-driven application.

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The dolphicam2 platform requires minimum training to operate. We offer training and support so you can inspect and gather high accuracy and visualised data wherever and wherever it is required. The platform will be ready to use in 60 seconds, increasing efficiency and saving you valuable time between site visits. No more downtime while calibrating your hardware either.

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