Our Markets

Dolphitech's NDT expertise and products meet the critical inspection needs of numerous industries.

Aerospace Market

Ultrasonic Technology (UT) makes it easy to detect even the smallest of defects which is essential when testing for safety and reliability. UT provides quality assurance and helps minimise loss of revenue, unsafe conditions and the need for expensive repairs/replacement.

Energy Market

Using the easily deployable dolphicam2 we can provide quantitative data for damaged blades, pipes and structures allowing engineers to assess whether to repair or replace. For instance, wind blade inspections can be performed on-site and at height due to portability and ease of use.

Space Tech Market

Within aerospace non-destructive testing plays a vital role in manufacture and maintenance inspection. Safety and security are paramount in space technology and we have proved this both in and out of the lab improving performance and building trust with clients.

Defense Market

Our dolphicam2 non-destructive testing equipment finds even the smallest imperfections. This enables necessary corrective measures to keep the military's equipment working safely. This includes marine, helicopters and drones.

Marine Market

Operating in harsh environments marine vessels are subject to corrosion, hence the need for inspection, quickly over large surface areas. The dolphicam2's portability and capacity to stitch images clearly, provides insight into how your material is degrading in a marine environment.

Automotive Market

Non-destructive testing ensures faster and more accurate safety assessments during the production process. This method can also significantly reduce the time required for testing, making safety testing more efficient and less time-consuming.