Matrix Array Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is an innovative technology offering distinct benefits over its counterpart, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing. While both methods utilise multiple elements for emitting and receiving sound waves, Matrix Array UT, specifically with the dolphicam2 platform, presents a unique approach that simplifies inspections and enhances efficiency.

In the realm of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, the term “phased” denotes control over timing, and “array” signifies multiple elements. The interference principle enables shaping the ultrasound beam by adjusting the time delay of each element’s emitted sound pulse. This flexibility allows electronic focus and beam angle changes, improving sensitivity and adaptability in challenging inspection scenarios. However, the complexity of phased arrays, involving focal laws and intricate set-ups, can be time-consuming and challenging for operators. Additionally, the need for external tooling to generate planar maps further adds to the complexity.

On the other hand, Matrix Array Ultrasonic Testing, as exemplified by the dolphicam2, employs a 2D array of ultrasonic elements, eliminating the need for mechanical movement during inspections. Emitting sound along electrode lines and receiving signals across perpendicular electrodes, the dolphicam2 produces clear 0-degree matrix array data, simplifying the inspection process. Without the requirement for probe movement, Live C-scans set the dolphicam2 apart, allowing for efficient inspections of composites, adhesive bonding, and corrosion mapping. The streamlined software tailored to display simpler matrix array data contributes to a shallow learning curve and a lower operator skill requirement.

Matrix Array Ultrasonic Technology as used by the dolphicam2 platform offers a focused and efficient alternative to Phased Array Ultrasonic Technology. While Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing provides versatility in inspection tasks, Matrix Array Ultrasonic Testing excels in specific applications, proving to be more cost-effective, user-friendly, and uniquely capable of providing live C-scans without additional tooling.

The dolphicam2’s innovative approach signifies a leap forward in non-destructive testing, ensuring optimal results with simplicity and precision. Get in touch for more information about our technology.