The Rapid Mapper is a two-axis encoded scanner frame, capable of fast freehand scanning over flat and slightly curved surfaces. Attached via suction cups with encoders in both the X- and the Y- axes which automatically record the TRM location, C-scan maps can be quickly acquired over a 50 x 50cm area.


The Rapid Mapper is an encoded version of Grid Tool. This means that the X- and Y-axis location of the TRM are captured live and relayed to the dolphicam2 software, enabling fast C-scan scanning.

Set-up in less than 3 minutes!

The Rapid Mapper is fixed to the surface by one or both of its robust, oversized suction cups, that can be removed for bolted placement. The dolphicam2 TRM is then easily secured to the Rapid Mapper via its cooling fins and the attachment is hinged to allow access to non-planar surfaces.

The Rapid Mapper can also be used as an indexed stitching tool in the same way as the GridTool. In this mode, the ball plunger secures the Rapid Mapper into position to prevent movement while the image is being acquired.

Speed: Scans 1m² in less than 4 minutes

Technical Details

Acquisition modes:

1 or 2 axis encoded scanning

1 or 2 axis indexed stitching

Scanning Area 50 x 50cm / 16.6 x 16.6”

The tool is delivered in a custom Pelicase which has a lifetime guarantee.

Size And Weight

Weight: 4kg / 8.82lbs


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