Our history

a technological adventure

The origin of the technology produced by today’s dolphitech was a solution for reading barcodes underneath a coat of car paint. The clients and engineers soon realised the technology might have a greater area of application.

  • Dolphitech is formed in Gjøvik, Norway

  • Dolphitech Proof of Concept

  • Relationship with Airbus and Innovation Norway funded project

  • Dolphicam1 released

  • Dolphicam1 technology implemented for Audi and Lamborghini.

  • Dolphitech approved for NDT inspection of Boeing 787 Dreamliner

  • Software updates released that enabled Dolphicam1 to Aerospace and Automotive industries

  • Development of Dolphicam2 started

  • Dolphicam2 released to the market

  • Sales teams in UK and USA. Growing R&D and software development

  • Dolphicam2 officially certified for use on Boeing and Airbus assets

  • Dolphicam2 sold to clients in defence, space, aerospace, marine and energy sectors

  • Dolphitech opens UK office in the EpiCentre, Cambridge

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